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Small / Home Office

Office IP TelephoneThe modern concept of small office/home office, or SoHo, refers to the category of business which involves from 1 to 10 workers. SOHO can also stand for small or home office or single office.

Sigma products, software and services can be the added ingredients that help your business grow and flourish. The advantage? You’ll be more competitive while you focus on what matters most: reducing costs, increasing sales, making your team more productive and becoming a greener workplace.

The small office home office has gone through a great transformation in recent years as technology has enabled anyone working from a home or small office to compete globally. Technology has made this possible; the concept has been expanded to enable anyone to do globally what they could do locally before.

We have a team of experienced specilists that can advise on solutions that could take your business from SOHO to ENTERPRISE…

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